Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five For Friday

Another week has gone by and its already Friday again!!  Linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk Blog for High Five For Friday

1. I talked about this already but I finished classes this week.  Now on summer break :)

haha this is from the show recess...the good old days I loved watching this show on Saturday mornings :)

2. After class yesterday some of the girls got together for some fun!  A Lia Sophia Party and a girls night!!!


3. I got new shoes!!!  I got these shoes at Urban Outfitters.   I don't know if this is the same color as mine, its close too it but mine look a little more purple or light lavender. I was looking for a slip on sneaker like shoe to wear to work and for the summer and here I found it.  It turned out to be an even better purchase because they were listed as $16.00 but when I checked out they were even cheaper only $9.99 woo I love a bargain.  I wore them to work the other day and were super comfy!!!!
4. I have been looking up and pinning a lot recipes this week that I am sooo excited to try!!!
Taco-Filled Pasta Shells
can't wait to try this.
Zucchini, black beans and rice
Baked Parmesan Tomatoes - Very easy!
5. Last but not least the weekend is starting off right, I have the day off with no plans yet.  The day is mine :)  Maybe a Target trip, cleaning my apt (ehh maybe not haha), reading on my patio, etc etc. 
Have a great weekend :)

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