Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five For Friday

TGIF!!!!!  Remember back in the day when you would watch the shows on TGIF, Full House, Boy Meets World, Sabrina, Family Matters.  Some of the best shows of the 90s :) 

Well its Friday and today I decided to link up with a great blogger I have discovered and now read: From My Grey Desk  and do the High Five for Friday. 

My week in review listing five great things that happened or will happen :) 

1. Yesterday in class one of my professors cancelled one of our projects....seriously it was an amazing moment and to make it even better he gave us a one week extension on the big paper that is due!!! 

2. I am off today with no set plans.  I got to sleep a little later and now can just see where the day takes me :)  Feels good

3. Someone in class gave me one of the staples of Easter

yummm...It's not Easter if you don't have at least one Reese's Egg

4. The weather has been nice and sunny the past few days and looks like its here to stay well into next week.  Woo hoo for sunglasses!!!

5. Last but not least............I'm going to see TITANIC 3D TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited...prob one of my favorite movies :)

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