Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is in the Air

It is spring....time for flowers to bloom, windows open, grass growing, birds chirping, etc :)  Since moving back to CT the weather has been crazy, a hurricane in August, freak snowstorm in October that lead to 6 days of being without power, barely any snow this winter, and 80 degree temps in March.

 I love spring, driving with the windows down in my car, music on ahhh the life :)  Yesterday it was in the 60s and I decided to bust out the sandals for work!!!!  I was very excited, they have been collecting dust in my closet all fall/winter and were calling my name to be put on.  Of course wearing sandals lead to me painting my toe nails and once I painted my toe nails I painted my fingernails as well.  Me and nail polish have an up and down relationship.  I love wearing it and trying new colors but sometimes I paint my nails and ten minutes later I'm like omg this looks bad or I dont want this on and I have to get it off.  Also if I get stressed or one of my nails chips I have been known to peel it all off, ughh I know its bad for your nails but once I start I cant stop hahaha. 

I usually opt for darker colors for nail polish, just not a bright pink kind of girl.  But with the spring in the air I had to do a bright color on my nails.  I went with Essie nail polish peach daquri :)

Nice and bright for spring :)

And since I was so bright on my fingernails I went a little darker on my toes with a gray color :)

So I'm hoping the warm weather stays with us and more and more sandals can come out of hiding!!

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