Thursday, April 12, 2012

Accessories New and Old

So after going through my accessories (scarves, jewelry, headbands, etc) I have realized that I have too much (can you ever have too much!!) but I need to start wearing more of it.  My love for scarves still stands and they have been getting all of my accessory attention lately because its such an easy and fun way to spice up an outfit.  I just got a new scarf from Old Navy that I absolutely love...

Sorry for the quality...took it on my phone and the flash didn't go off :/  anyways its an infinity scarf and I just fell in love with it in the store.  And it helped that I got to use my employee discount.  I recently started working at Gap Kids and let me tell you they have one of the best employee discounts that I have ever heard of.  Seriously I love the job so far but the discount makes it that much better :) 

Another accessory that I love but don't always wear a lot are headbands.  Sometimes I think I look like a five year old girl when I wear a thick headband, sometimes my head hurts and feels like its going to explode headbands hurt me, and sometimes I just don't see the point of headbands.  Well I rediscovered a headband that I got over the summer (I think) and I'm pretty sure its from Ann Taylor Loft.  It gave my hair a little bling :)

 Haha I took them in my car too...I was on my break from work and I was like oh yeah I need to take a pic of my headband and well here it is.  I liked this headband because it just added a little something without being too big and outrageous. 

So those are my two accessories, one new and one old and I will make sure to make a point to use various accessories on a daily basis. 

Ohh I actually tried out a new nail polish the other day that I was excited about too!!!   I went to Ulta and I wanted a really bright and fun color and ta da this is what I got....

Its essie Cool Mint color.  And I got some glitter and added it to my ring finger on each hand just to spice things up even more :)  This was a new color for me but I love it, so fun!!

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