Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next Food Network Star??? haha

So when it comes to the topic of cooking it is usually a hit or miss with me.  I like to cook and bake sometimes, especially when I find a new recipe to try.  However, I do not cook a lot (well besides the microwave and quick meals) because honestly it is such a long process just cooking for one.  I did find a new recipe (thanks to pinterest) and I must say I am pretty impressed with it...super delicious too. 

Mexican Stuffed Peppers :) 
It was really good and super easy to make. Inside the pepper is just brown rice, salsa, black beans and cheese on top.  The recipe did say to use ground turkey and corn but I left those out.  It was a good way to have Mexican food but in a new way!  I was excited when I got to have the other half of the pepper for lunch the next day too!!!

This past week was my roommates birthday and she has a true love of peanut butter and chocolate so I wanted to make something with these ingredients and ended up making chocolate peanut butter cupcakes (ahh to die for)


They even had a peanut butter surprise in the middle too!!!

Needless to say she loved the cupcakes and the recipe was also from pinterest (don't know what i would do without it)

Cant wait to see what I cook up next.... back to searching for recipes on pinterest :)

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