Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in Action

So the weeks have flown by...seriously where did May go?????  With the fast pace I have gotten away from blogging, but this is my mark back into it.  So May has been a busy month with classes ending, trip to NYC, busy work schedule and most recently a trip to North Carolina. 

My parents moved to NC when I graduated high school 7 years ago!!!!!!!  That is crazy!!!  I enjoy NC, def a difference from CT but a good different.  I lived in NC for about two years after I graduated from my undergrad and this trip made me miss living in NC a little bit.  It had been a whole year since I was in NC and it made me realize how I do miss living so close to my parents and sisters.  Not that I don't love being close to my friends and family here and going to grad school at UCONN but it was bittersweet to leave this time.  My sister is about to be 13 years old and this time when I saw her I noticed a big difference in how old she is looking now.  She is not a little girl anymore...The trip flew by and I wish I had tons more days there but in the end you always have to come back to reality.  I had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.  I am going to try and make it back down again before the summer is over. 

While in NC I got a lot of photographing done, taking pictures of my sister, my family's dog, and my sister's softball team, and my friends cupcakes from her cupcake business.  It was lots of fun and strengthened my love of photography. 

 all grown up :)

Daisy....seriously the cutest puppy ever!!!  I had so much fun playing with her

 Amanda loves softball...Pitching strikes

Doesnt this just look yummy!!

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