Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Blog Party

So I enjoy reading Lauren's blog everyday and a few weeks ago she teamed up with other bloggers and planned a Valentine's Blogging Party.  For this party you would get paired up with someone and send them a cute little gift.  You could get to know the person through their blog and emailing and choose something to send.  I was paired up with Marissa from I get my crafty from my Momma blog ( don't you just love that name)  Marissa and her sister along with her mom blog together and they even have their own Etsy shop full of cute things they make.  I was excited when I checked my mail yesterday and inside was a box from Marissa!!!  Yay!!!  I love getting mail (well fun mail..I do not do a happy dance when bills arrive in my box) When there is a package or a note/card woo hoo there is a smile on my face.  :)  

Here is what was inside my Valentines box from Marissa

Two cute little baskets that Marissa made with a gorgeous pattern.  I love the flowers and the colors. These will come in handy.  Also those are bobby pins inside the container but not just any old bobby pin they have cute little color dot accents on the end.  Two pink and one yellow.  I am excited to wear these soon.  Also in the box was a Nivea chapstick and the key chain right in front.  But not just any old key has a spot to put your chapstick!!!  How cool is that

Ta da!!!  I mean how perfect is this.  You don't have to search through your bag to find your chapstick you can have it hanging right from your keys!!  The Nivea chapstick is a brand I have never tried before but so far I like it.  When you open it, it reminds me of a gluestick but not to be fooled its chapstick!!

I have done a Coffee Mug Swap and now this Blogging Valentines party and i enjoy doing them :)  It is a way to meet new people from all over and check out blogs that you probably wouldn't come across on your own and who doesn't love to get little gifts in the mail (I mean you read how excited I get about mail at the beginning of this post ) 


  1. I'm so glad that you liked it Melanie! Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Thank you for everything Marissa :) It makes me want to find more blog link ups!!