Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Nail

With Valentines Day a few days away I wanted to try and get my nails ready for the holiday.  Well really I spent so much time on Pinterest looking at nail designs and wanted to try and do one myself.  It actually ended up being really easy. 

The nail polish I used plus a topcoat.  
NYC In a New York Minute Color Fashion Safari 
Nicole by OPI Love You Cherry Much

To make the heart all I used was a piece of masking tape.  Just fold the masking tape in half, draw half of a heart on the fold, cut along the heart you drew, and then open the piece of tape and presto, heart nail stencil! Paint your nails with your main color, wait for it to dry, lay stencil down and paint with heart color.  Carefully remove stencil and then admire the cuteness J

It was simple and cute, adds just the perfect touch for the holiday.  I do not usually wear nude color nail polish but I am enjoying it.  Based on the People Style Magazine neutral shade nail polishes are in right now, it says that neutral shades tend to look good on everyone. The pop of the read heart goes well with this color. 


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