Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Keep Shoveling...Just Keep Shoveling


So the snow is still falling but hopefully we are in the home stretch and the cleanup process can begin.  So after my post (rant) about who needs snow I decided there is one good thing about the snow…being able to photograph it.  As a photographer I enjoy taking pictures, it can be the simplest thing as snow on a branch but taking a photo you can see the beauty of it.  Here are a couple of shots I captured yesterday:

Here is what it looked like outside early in the afternoon when the storm started...
(Doesn't look bad at all right?) 

I think Pinterest’s traffic was at an all time high yesterday from people in the northeast it def was at my apartment, my roommate and I were on it alllll day.  You know its bad when you have it open on your phone and your laptop at the same time.  Seriously I do not know what I did before Pinterest came into my life.  Besides Pinterest I watched two movies, Clueless and Taken 2.  The snow was falling all day, looking out the window all you saw was white.  As the night went on it rose higher and higher with no end in sight.  I was a little nervous to see how much would fall overnight

Watching the tree out the window get covered and covered in snow 

On the couch with a blanket, Pinterest and watching Clueless

 This is what it looked like around midnight 
There is my car on its way to being buried...wait to see what it looked like in the morning. 

Woke up and looked out my window and ahhh my car was gone!!!  No it wasn’t stolen but it was covered in snow. 

Those are my windshield wipers sticking up!!!  

The snow was still falling and so deep.  I think this is the most snow I have ever seen in my life. Around 11:00 my roommate and I ventured out to see if we could try and dig out our cars.  The snow was up to our thighs!!  Heavy wet snow is not easy to walk through and not having the proper snow clothes is no fun.  Two pairs of sweatpants doesn’t do the trick let me tell you.  The snow around my car was up to the windows and just everywhere.  You would shovel and shovel and shovel and look down and it looked like you made no progress at all.  I cant complain as much as people who had to shovel a whole driveway. Since this was Storm Nemo people just needed to say Just Keep Shoveling, Just Keep Shoveling.  My car is pretty much all out but I had to abandon it because it was just too cold and painful. There were many wipeouts into the snow while I was out there and when the snow is that deep it is not easy to get back up J This storm has solidified my distaste of snow, especially since I talked to my family and friends in North Carolina and they were enjoying a nice 50 degree sunny day.  I moved back to Connecticut because…??? 

The only Blizzards I want to be a part of anymore are the ones from Dairy Queen :)  

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