Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fill your minds and your hearts

First of all I apologize for the small hiatus...last week I was so proud of myself for blogging everyday and this week i don't know what got ahead of me and this week has flown by (I guess that will happen with grad school, work, etc etc)  The good thing is I'm back :)

So being a photographer I love to look for inspiration in other photographer's sites or Facebook pages and I recently started getting Click the magazine.  I like to read about the latest photography gadgets and to hear stories from other photographers and get ideas from poses.  I checked the mail today and it was a good mail day because there was a Click magazine waiting for me!!!!  It was wrapped in plastic and there was a little card inside promoting a company's card design.  What was on the card really gave me the inspiration for this post.

The card was reminding people to love what they do and do what you love... The front was the little girl in the picture with the John Lennon quote, "You Say I'm a Dreamer, But I'm Not the Only One" On the back of the quotes it had a few quotes from different photographers...

"Value yourself and your work"
"Follow your own heart and dreams"
"Continue to challenge yourself"  

I never thought I would become a photographer, I always loved taking pictures, and then a job at a photo studio fell into my lap and then now I have my own small photography business.  It may be small but it makes me happy :)  When I get to take pictures, whether it be for a wedding or family shoot I get excited to capture memories.  I take pride in my work and work hard to make my clients happy.  These pictures will be pictures they will look at for the rest of their life and I want them to be happy with the end result.  This pushes me to challenge myself and get creative and not stop coming up with new ideas.  A photographers job can be very challenging at times, especially with certain age groups (toddlers) :) but I have various families tell me how patient I was and how they couldn't believe how good the pictures came out even though their child was being so bad.  All it takes is a little patience and time and that cute pose and smile will be caught in a moment.  

I don't know why the card made me think about my own life so much tonight.  It is not just in my photography work that I want to live by the mottos above, if you are doing anything you should value and love what you do.  If you are not enjoying yourself you will resent it in the end and not be happy. If you have an interest in something work hard to make it happen and do not be afraid to take a chance. We only get one life so shouldn't we enjoy living it??  

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