Friday, February 22, 2013

High 5 For Friday

Another Friday...this past week flew by.  Linking up with Lauren again for High Five For Friday.

 So here is a pic from this past weekend when my friend Jess came to visit. Clearly I wanted to mess up the photo and have my mouth open in the pic hahah guess I was just trying to make it a fun pic :) 
I looked outside on my patio and this was in the snow...Do you know what it looks like??  I was like ahh look there is a heart in the snow...I guess cupid left it for me maybe :)

So this will be my life for the next few months..This is the study guide for the certification exams for becoming a school counselor!!!  I will be taking the national and counselor exam in April so me and this book will be becoming best friends....Side note Amazon Prime is amazing!!!  I signed up for a student version and they gave you six months free and with it you get free 2 day delivery but this is the second time I have ordered something and it came the very next day...I ordered this at like 1:00 yesterday afternoon and it was at my door at like 11 this morning!!! That is crazy...Way to go amazon

So don't you just smile looking at this picture :)  Here is a picture of one I took last weekend during the family shoot I did.  Cutest little baby Evelyn

During my trip to Target today I took a walk through the home section and these mirrors caught my eye... I love mirrors, they are an easy way to spice up your walls.  I didn't get these mirrors because I don't really have anywhere for them to go but I want them and like them and felt the urge to take a picture of them.

Cheers to the weekend!!!

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