Monday, March 18, 2013

Bath and Body Works Steal of a Deal'!!

So apparently I took almost a month break from this blogging thing....remember when I wrote about having too much free time while on winter break from classes??  Well now like I anticipated, I am super busy and that free time is a distant memory!!  But no fear I am determined to get back into blogging since it is a fun outlet from the daily busy life.

Bath and Body Works and I have a pretty long history….I have loved this store from a young age, when I was a young tween going to the mall with my friends for the first time!!  I mean who doesn't love lotion and especially lotion that smells good :)  My love of BBW intensified when I started working there in 2005.  That was when my stockpile began, I bought sooooo much lotion/sprays, etc etc with my discount that I still have some today.  Since I still have a ton of lotion I usually never buy any when I go in there today, I go for the soap and the home fragrances

Occasionally get the travel lotions or $1 promotions when new lotion come out because I love to throw them into my purse :) 

I get sooooo many emails from Bath and Body Works, I think they send one everyday sometimes twice a day.  I recently got one that gave me a mystery coupon, either 20, 30 or 40% off.  The email also said that the large 3 wick candles were 2 for $22.  One of those candles is usually $20 so 2 for $22 is a fab deal so I took a trip to get some candles.  When I got to my BBW there was no sign about the candles being on sale and I was like "ahhhhh noo!!!"  I asked an employee and she said the email says at the bottom select stores only but they would honor the deal for me!!  woo hoo :) All of the tropical scents were in store and took me away to a tropical paradise each sniff!  

I ended up picking out Tiki Beach and Palm Beach Cooler for my 3 wick candles. 
They smell amazing!!  I am very impressed with their candles...the scent is pretty strong and carries throughout most of my apartment.  

I also picked up some of the mini candles too.  They usually have some deal going on like 2 for $5 or like this time it was 3 for $10.  I got Frosted cupcake, Honeysuckle, and island margarita. 
The soap was on sale for 4 $10 the day I was there so I stocked up on some tropical scents.  If I cannot be in paradise at least I can pretend every time I wash my hands :) One BBW soap is $5 so when they have deals like this its good to take advantage of it.  They usually always have some type of sale going on.  
I personally like the foaming soaps the best :)  

So that was everything I stocked up on during my trip to BBW....but don't forget that mystery coupon I had.  When I got to the register they rang up all of my stuff and my total was around $65.  Then she scanned my coupon and it was for 30% off!!!  And guess what my total was.......$31!!!!!!!!  Craziness.  The large 3 wick candles who are normally $22 were only $ 7.70, the soap ended up being $1.75 each and the mini candles were only $2.34 each.  I was very impressed with this coupon and how much stuff I got for such a good price.  As much as the daily coupons bug me sometimes taking up space in my inbox I would love to get another coupon like this.  For now I will enjoy my tropical paradise scents and look forward to the next stock up.  

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