Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Softball Seam DIY Project

 I played softball for many years growing up, and apparently there is something in my sister’s and my blood because all three of us played softball.  My younger sister plays now on her middle school and travel teams and by looking at her Facebook page you would clearly see that softball pretty much is her life, she loves it. 

While stuck at home during the blizzard I came across this DIY project on Pinterest and knew I had to try and make it for her.  Lucky for me I had a softball lying around and here is what I made…a bracelet out of the softball seam.  I followed the instructions found here… 

 Here was my end result

You are able to make two bracelets using the seams.  I thought this was such a creative project, something I never would have come up with.  It would be sentimental to make one with a ball from your senior night game, or a game you hit a home run or something like that. 

Cheers to another completed project from Pinterest!!! 

Oh and who knew that this is what a softball looks like naked… 

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