Monday, January 14, 2013

Too Much of Good Thing

Free Time, nothing to do able to sit around without a care in a world….Sounds pretty good doesn't it? But is it normal that too much of this is a bad thing?

I have been on winter break from grad classes since the second week of December and I am ready to get back to classes.  I know when I am busy going from work to class to a meeting to this to that I feel like I am super busy but I think I would much rather choose that then having tons of free time.  Yeah there are some days where I enjoy just lounging around getting my apartment in order, reading a book or watching a movie but at the end of the day I like having a busy schedule.  

Am I crazy for saying I don't like too much free time?? haha i think also having a schedule allows me to not spend as much money….no time for as many target trips, mall trips, lunch dates with friends, etc etc.  So saving money is always a  good thing right?  

Ask me again come February and I may be begging for the free time haha

This semester will be kind of a big one as its the last semester of classes before my one year internship!!!  The end is in sight and I am excited for the day when I will be working in a school as an actual school counselor!  This semester I will also be taking my certification exams, an exit exam for my program and the national exam, so a lot of my time will go to preparing for that.  Fingers crossed that all goes well I a pass them the first time and will be one step closer to become a counselor.  

Cheers to one more week of a more relaxed schedule and then the start of the semester :) 

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