Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Photo of 2012

While reading a friends blog I saw that she entered a photography contest for the Best of 2012.  The contest asked contestants to go through all of their photos and choose one for the whole year.  After reading this, it made me want to look back at all of my photos and choose a best for me. 

Going through the pictures was fun as I had forgotten some shots I had taken and it was a fun way to look back at all the different photographs I took throughout the year.  It was a very hard decision to choose one photo as the best so I chose a small sampling.  The gift of photography is that within less than a minute I can be brought back to a moment in time and relive the day through the photo.  The possibilities in photography are endless and it allows creativity to thrive.  The shots I chose are all different in their own regard but capture a moment beautifully. 

Looking through my photos I also realized that I enjoy capturing candid moments.  Posed portraits are always a go to and what most people want but there is something special about a candid shot.   I mean look at this picture below…

Tell me this picture does not make you smile J  She was not posing for me but instead making faces at her dad standing behind me.  The candids allow for the true personality of a person to come out.  They aren’t posing with a smile on in a position I put them in but rather in their own element and enjoying life.  This turned out to be one of the favorite shots from this day. 

So here are the Best Shots from 2012

This is my favorite picture that I have taken with wedding rings.  At a wedding this past September the flowers used were sunflowers and I knew we needed to incorporate them into a shot somehow.  While the guests were eating we borrowed the rings and went off to shoot with them and along came this shot.  I love it, the pop of the yellow, the beauty of the rings, even the bend in the stem.  It is a simple yet beautiful shot.  

This shot was another candid captured of sweet little Emma.  Like most toddlers Emma does not like to sit still or be posed so when her mom asked me to come over and take some shots we didn't even tell Emma I was taking pictures or anything, just let her go out and play and I started snapping.  Here she was just strolling around their cul de sac and I captured this.  I love how she has her hands folded and just walking along looking at the clouds :)  She is not dressed up in a big poofy dress or anything just hanging out at home, but it makes for a great picture.  Captures the innocence of being a child.  Don't we all wish we could just stroll along looking at the clouds.  

Here is the last shot.  This family shot shows that it doesn't matter how old your children are, a family shot is always a special picture to have.  I love the backdrop for this photo, capturing the beauty of a perfect fall day.  You do not need to go to a fancy studio to get a picture done.  The beauty of the outdoors adds to a pictures and really makes all the colors pop.  This picture is something the family can cherish forever and pass it down through generations.  Been years since your last family photo???  Make a point to have one taken in the new year 

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