Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is That a Spice Rack....Nope Nail polish Rack!!

I have been going through a lot of my stuff and organizing and getting rid of things just lying around.  I went through all my lotion (wayy too much from having worked at BBW) and picked out all the lotions I wasn't using and brought them to work.  While organizing I wanted something to hold my nail polish in.  They had just been in a little box and pretty much just scattered about.  Thanks to an idea from pinterest I know have a new place for my nail polish… 

Yes that is a spice rack but it does the job hanging in my bathroom.  It is the perfect thing to hold all my nail polish in one spot.  I do not have go to searching for a certain color, they are all displayed nicely.  When my roommate wants to borrow a color I can send her right into my bathroom to help herself.  I also put smaller perfume bottles and some lotion on this rack and its the perfect spot for them.  I love that this rack holds soo much stuff but yet it doesn't take up any counter space at all.  So thank you Pinterest for your great idea :) 

I recently got a new nail polish on a Target trip and its become one of my favs.  It is a darker pink color and I really enjoyed this brand.  I have never used it before but this nail polish went on well and has a nice smooth finish.  

The nail polish is Cover Girl outlast stay brilliant 

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