Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting Crafty

So I love craft time and wish I could do it a lot more than I do but have no fear....I just took a trip to Michael's!!!  Every time I go to Michael's I find sooo many things I want and it gets my creative juices going.  Be on the lookout for posts coming soon about my completed projects.  Here are my top 5 recent Pinterest finds for DIY projects.

These are patterned napkins and cheap this is so easy and cheap but I think it would look good on any wall :) 

 white mugs decorated with a gold easy but looks so classy.  It reminds me of the Kate Spade pattern
I need this for my dishwasher...scrabble pieces are not just for the game :) 

 Wooden crates painted and put together...Cute shelf that I would love to add to a room one day
flowers made from coffee filters!!! What?!? 

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