Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So excited....TITANIC in 3D!!!

Have you been to the movies and seen the previews or seen the preview on TV for Titanic???? Yes that's right Titanic is making a big return to the theaters and it will be in 3D!!!!  When I found this out I was very very excited :)  I love Titanic...my friends would probably say I am obsessed with it because I can recite lines from the movie (quite a few actually)...what can I say I have a good memory hahah.  I remember when I first went to go see Titanic when it first came out, I went with my dad and my sister and I was immediately hooked.  Jack and Kate won my heart...after seeing the movie I got a huge poster of Leo to hang in my room, had the Titanic soundtrack (which was ALL instrumental except for the Celine Dion song haha I don't know why I wanted it that bad), and I had the VHS of titanic with 2 tapes!!! haha I remember I got the VHS the first day it came out and when I got home the tape didnt work :(  I was sooo disappointed...but went back the next day to exchange it.  I don't know where my Titanic tapes are today but lately it has been on TV all the time so I have gotten my Titanic fix each time I catch it on.  I am interested to see this in 3D and see if it is even better when you wear crazy 3D glasses hahah. 

April 4th you know where I will be :)

 This came out in 1997...wow that was a long time ago...I feel old :(

 Jack I'm flying!!!!

Every time I see this scene I get soo mad because:
A. They both could have fit on that huge piece of furniture...Rose did not have to lie down on it
B. If there was this big piece of furniture in the water there had to have been more so why didn't Jack get his own piece??

The other night after I saw the preview on TV (It says are you ready to go back to Titanic?? And I respond Yes cant wait!) I looked up who were other actors considered for the roles of Jack and Kate and let me tell you it was surprising. 
-Claire Danes, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Gweneth Paltrow all were considered for the role
-Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey were considered for Jack
-Reba McEntire was offerred the role of the unsinkable Molly Brown but turned it down. 

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