Thursday, February 16, 2012


So while I was organizing my room I realized that I have tons of scarves, more than I even realized.  I love scarves, they are the perfect go to accessory for fall , winter and spring.  People at work had started to comment that I must be obsessed with scarves because I wear a different one everyday.  I do not really wear them to keep me warm but more so as an accessory.(although I do notice my neck is a little cold when I take it off :)  It is an easy way to spruce up an outfit and add a pop of color.  I usual wear neutral tone colors and it is easy to add a bright scarf.  There are many different ways to tie a scarf even more then the ones listed below but I usually wear mine like the 2nd or 4th girl in this picture. 

I dont know how I feel in love with scarves...I used to think they were cute and looked good but that I couldnt pull it off and just looked silly wearing them.  But I guess one day I found the right one and scarves have been my friend ever since.  I have scarfs in all different colors and patterns, two bins full of them to be exact :)  I do not spend a lot of money on the scarves, I love to find bargins and sales.  Most of my scarves are from old navy, the gap and even good old target.  Below are some scarves that I have my eye on and would love to add to my collection :)

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