Sunday, February 12, 2012

I LOVE Pinterest

Have you ever heard of Pinterest???  If you haven't you are missing out.  I was introduced to it by a coworker and lets just say I am addicted hahaha.  I go on pinterest everyday, even have the pinterest app on my phone.  It is the place to get ideas on anything and everything.  There a couple of crafts that I have made from pinterest:
snowmen made from terra cotta pots :)  
christmas wreath....all you need is a wire hanger, christmas ornamnets and ribbon

Wooden letter wrapped in twine and glammed up with accents

Perfect gift for teachers :)  I made this for my sister, letter made out of crayons and put into a shadowbox for display

I painted this wooden sign for my aunt.  An easy craft that she can hang pictures or drawings her grandchildren make :)

I can spend hours on Pinterest finding DIY crafts, outfits, nailpolish, hair styles, planning my dream home and much more.  A few crafts that I want to work on next are:

Pinned Image made from toliet paper rolls!!!

Pinned Image 
Canvas, paint, and scrapbook paper

I will be sure to post my latest creations when they are created :)...stay tuned

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