Tuesday, February 14, 2012

People Watching

Today I was at Barnes and Nobles getting work done for my grad classes....I seem to be able to get soo much more work done when I am somewhere away from home (too many fun distractions I guess).  Well while I was there I found myself doing something I love to do: people watch.  I don't know where the fascination comes from but I know myself and my friends love to do this.  Just to watch people and ponder in your head, what are they doing here, why are they wearing that, where are they headed etc etc.  The world is fill of so many interesting and unique people that it is nice to just stop and watch them in action.  Places that I have found to be good for people watching are airports and the mall.  Having worked at the mall we used to do this all the time when it was slow, even picking out our future selves walking in the mall hahah.  Just today I saw:
  • A little kid fall and make a loud scene
  • A man trip walking up the stairs to the Starbucks in B&N
  • Someone spill their coffee all over their laptop
  • A couple sitting there and then the husband said okay wanna go up to the food court (whoa talk about a romantic valentine's meal ha ha the mall food court)
So be sure to be take in the people around you the next place you go. 

Oh I did get a lot of work done by the way not all of my time was spent on people watching :)

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