Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Update

With all my time spent on Pinterst lately I have had the crafters fever.  To soothe this fever I have made two crafts lately.

First: Painted Wine Glass
I always looked at the painted wine glasses at craft fairs, in stores like Hallmark and anywhere else and wanted them all but was not a fan of the prices.  Then I researched what it took to paint my own glasses and have never looked back.  Three easy steps and a little creativity and I have my very own decorated glasses.  They are perfect as gifts or for your very own cabinets. 

I use the permenamel paint
There are three steps: primer, color and protectant glaze.  Three little bottles, some brushes, and glasses and poof you have everything you need for wine glass painting :)  The wine glasses I get are inexpensive glasses.  I have painted all sizes, red, white, stemless.  I have found that Pier 1 of all places has affordable wine glasses.  One glass is only like $2!!! Painted wine glasses in stores go for $20 and up!!
So the glass I painted I got the idea for it on Pinterst and just went for it.  I wouldn't consider it my best glass but I still like it :)  Its the Miss America of wine glasses...The Miss Wine Glass!!! Drum roll please...............................Here she is 


 She wears her sash proud.  The front says Miss Wine and the back says Drink Up!  Whoever takes the Miss Wine glass out of the cabinet has to use this glass proud and live up to its name :)

The next craft I made was a gift for my little sister.  Shout out to Amanda!!!  For Christmas I gave my mom a letter wrapped in yarn and I accessorised it with a flower and ribbon.  My sister saw this and requested a letter of her own.  In my crafty spirit I decided to fulfill her request and is her very own letter:

 All I had to do was wrap the letter in the twine/yarn (which honestly is the hardest and most time consuming part) and then I just decorated it with ribbon that I had in my craft box :)  I had fun with it and decorated it with hearts and a bow.  Now she can hang this letter on the wall or on a door knob and it will make the perfect new decoration for her room. 

Be on the lookout for more craft updates.  I took a trip to Michael's the other day and stocked up on new supplies for new projects.  Side note: I have an app on my phone called GeoQpons which gives me tons of electronic coupons to tons of different stores.  The cashier just scans your cool is that!!!!  Michael's always has tons of different coupons on there to choose form which makes shopping there even more enjoyable :)  Now I just have to find and set aside time to get my craft on :)  (This shouldn't be too hard to do hahaha)

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