Monday, February 13, 2012


Coffee is a drink that I love.  There are so many different variations: flavored, regular, veinte, grande, tall, light roast dark roast, hot, iced, etc etc. Coffee is unique to each individual, go into a coffee shop and everyone is all drinking coffee but their own variation on the tasty drink.  I prefer coffee with no sugar just cream.  Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks I like them both.  Coffee is a drink that is a social activity as well.  Coffee with a friend is the way to pass the time.  Coffee and chating go hand and hand together.  I love when I press the coffee pot on and can start to smell it brewing :)  Coffee is not a drink that I have to drink everyday or have to rely on to wake me up, its just a delicious drink I love.  I think through my love of coffee I have developed a love of coffee mugs too.  At work I am usually the one with a to go mug filled with coffee everyday.  My cabinet is full of mugs, different colors, different sayings, one with pictures, and even one that sings to me :)  Coffee is a drink I dont think i will ever get sick of.  Lets make a date to meet for coffee soon :)

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