Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

It is crazy to think that mother nature can cause soo much damage.  The ocean looks so peaceful and calm when you are at the beach and yet add a little pressure and hurricane to the mix and the ocean becomes a terrifying thing.

  I cant imagine evacuating my house before the storm hit and coming back and seeing it like this.  Luckily where I live in Connecticut was not affected by the hurricane, it was a little windy and some rain but nothing like what happened along the shoreline.  I was worried about losing power, cant imagine how these people must have felt worried about if their home would still be standing when they got back.

This picture amazes me, no this is not a new ride being built in the ocean, Hurricane Sandy dragged the roller coaster into the water!!!  Scary how strong mother nature can be moving huge heavy things a distance in a storm.

I know from last years crazy October snowstorm in Connecticut it is no fun to be without power for an extended period of time.  It is cold, boring, and even though you know you don't have power you still try to turn on the light each time you go into the bathroom haha. I feel for the people still without power and know that they have said it may be several more days before power is restored.

Hopefully nothing like this happens for a very long time, stay calm waters.  We will go to the beach you do not need to bring the beach to us!  After Hurricane Sandy it made me think if I was being evacuated what 5 things would I make sure to take with me.
1. my phone
2. pictures? ( I have them on my computer but there are a couple older pictures that I would want to have)  This makes me want to go organize my pictures neatly in one spot so they could be grabbed quickly because right now they are in several different places.
3. my computer? (It could be replaced) but it does have a lot of important things saved on there.
4. my camera (yeah it could be replaced but means a lot to me)
5. idk my wallet/purse?

This was tough to think of, things can be replaced easily like electronics and all that but the memories cannot be recreated.  That is a reason why I got into photography.  It allows you to capture a moment that you cant get back.  That is why I would want the electronics to help remind me of all the great moments in my life.

My heart goes out to all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, especially those who lost everything.  I hope everyone can band together and have a speedy recovery and get to a sense of normalcy again.

One good thing about Hurricane Sandy....two days of cancelled classes!!! Woop woop...never too old to get excited for cancelled school.

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