Friday, June 29, 2012


Doesn't it feel great to pack up and get out of town for a weekend or a few days??  Travel to a new place and explore and see what else is out there in this world.  It amazes me that living in CT I can travel two hours or so and be in the heart of NYC or Boston.  Places full of so many different people from all walks of life.  Recently I have been lucky enough to go on two quick getaways.

The beginning of June I went to Fire Island for two nights.  My friend Ryan's family owns a house there and a bunch of people went at various times throughout the week.  Fire Island is close to Long Island and is a little secluded island, you have to take a ferry to get there and there are no cars allowed on the island.  There is only one little town with a few stores, grocery and such, and a few restaurants.  The house is a quick 2 min walk to the beach and was a typical beach house complete with a mermaid theme and little mermaid knick knacks all over.  We had a fun time hanging out and kicking back for a few days, the only bad part was that it was cold and rainy the majority of the time I was there :(  I didnt need pretty much anything I packed since I lived in my sweatshirt the whole time but it was still fun.  We hung out played games, did a puzzle, ate yummy food.  It was very relaxing.  I was only there Mon-Wed but it honestly felt like I had been gone for days.  An escape from the everyday life and a time to kick back.  It was funny though cause one morning we were all sitting around and everyone was on their iPhone haha I was like well its a good thing we all brought our phones hahah technology still has a pull on us on vacation haha. 

I love to look out at the ocean and just think...its so peaceful. It also amazes me that there is a whole different world down there full of so many different creatures. 

This deer was just chilling there on our walk to the town.  We were pretty close to it.  Then it pranced off to another bush to eat. 

The second getaway was to Boston Mass for a Red Sox game. I love baseball and have been a Red Sox fan but never went to a game before. Me and three of my friends made a weekend out of it and stayed over in Boston Sat night. It was a perfect summer day and the only wrench in the weekend was when we stepped outside our hotel to get on the T it started raining and not a light little drizzle but a monsoon of rain!!!!! We got soaked like hair drenched looked like we just took a shower outside soaked :( That’s what we get for redoing our hair and prepping for the humidity in the room with straightening and hair spray haha. Besides the quick thunderstorm the night was good. We had dinner before the game near Fenway and then went to the stadium. I was amazed with how small the stadium is, it looks soooo big when you watch a game on tv. We were sitting in centerfield but they were still not bad seats. The Sox's won and we went out after the game which all made for a fun night! And I got to say, I love hearing a Boston accent!!! Sunday we got up and got ready to go out for a late breakfast but due to a long wait and no parking we switched plans and went to Quincy market area and found a very fun restaurant. It is called Dicks Last Resort. When we walked by we saw people wearing funny hats in there and thought it would be cool to check out. We quickly found out that this restaurant prides itself on being rude to its guests haha. It is part of their thing to be rude and funny and it made for a really fun meal. The waiter threw the silverware on the table and said hi losers and then we each got a bib to wear and he made funny hats for a few us with funny sayings. It was funny when my friend Ryan asked for more water and the waiter said "yeah suck on your ice cubes." After lunch we went to the aquarium and it was fun to see all the little animals and creatures, we even got to touch a sting ray!! We then walked around, looked at some stores and then headed back home to CT.

No more getaways planned yet but we will see what the rest of the summer brings :) The only bad thing about getaways is packing and unpacking...I wish I could have a Sabrina the Teenage Witch moment and zap things in and out of my bag hahaha.

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