Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Decorating Fever

So I moved into my apartment at the end of August and got all unpacked and settled,decorated my room but that was pretty much it as far as the decorating goes.  I love home stores, like IKEA and Pier 1 and love watching hgtv.  It is amazing how a little effort and supplies can totally change a room.  Well I finally started to search for wall decor to spruce the place up a bit.  I was successful finding things at Target, Kohls, and Pier 1!!! 

In my living room I have some decorations and plants but I was on a mission to find something to go over the couch.  I did not think I wanted a painting, I really wanted to find a metal piece to hang up.  After going to a couple of places I finally found this beauty at Kohls!!!

  Here it is in the store and on the package they showing hanging up two both vertically right next to each other.  I didnt really want to buy two so I flipped it horizontally and presto here it is hung up on the wall :)
looks pretty good :)  I like it!!!!  And the best part was that I thought it was going to be 50% off when I checked out and in fact in turned out to be 70% off wooo hooo, I just love a good bargain.  (I think it looks better in person so if you love it in this pic you would love it even more seeing it first hand :)

Next came the trip to Pier 1 and a decoration for the dining room.  I already have a mirror over the dining room table so I was searching for a cute little decoration to add a pop of color.  Pier 1 was the spot for this....
A cute little blue green sconce thing for the wall :)  I love the mosaic feel and the pop of color.  Shout out to my sister for this too because when I moved in she gave me a pier 1 gift card and I waited until I found the perfect thing to use it and this turned out to be the perfect addition to use the gift card :)
The last addition to my home decor came from Target.  I LOVE target...honestly its the store that I go in to return something and end up walking out with bags full.  Target is the one stop shop and def a fav store of mine.  From clothes to shoes to food to cleaning supplies target has it all!!  Whenever I am in Target (which turns out to be at least once a week most weeks) I always find myself browsing through the home section and wishing I could buy everything.  I always end up looking at the wall stickers they have and thinking what a great idea and how easy.  This time I finally bought some.... 

I had one package in my hand that was 15.00 but then I was walking through the hook section and I found some more and found these for only 9.00.!!!!  First I had them hung up over the couch but did not like the look and instead put them in the hallway right across from my bathroom.  Simple to hang up and adds a little something to the otherwise boring hall. 
So thats all for the decorating...def more I can do and will be on the lookout for cute little bargains to add to my home decor. 

After decorating I got my crafting on and made two new items.  This was an idea thanks to Pinterest, love it. 

The items I needed for this craft was a wooden tray, stain, scrapbook paper and modpodge
Here is the finished product :)  You could use this for a number of things but I decided to put it on my coffee table and it will be a home for the remotes :)

I also made another one but chose not to stain it and used a different piece of scrapbook paper.  I dont know what I will do with this one...up for the taking I guess!!!

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